Puppies Rescued From Desert are Now Living Their Best Life as Instagram Superstars

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Puppies rescued from desert are Instagram travel goals
  • There are squad goals and then there are #adventuresquad goals.

Motoring along a desolate stretch of Arizona highway late in 2016, Jordan Kahana encountered an unexpected sight: Two 8-week-old puppies, scampering about on the side of the road.

Shocked, the 30-something Los Angeleno pulled over and wrangled them into his vehicle. With no humans around for miles, it was clear the duo had been abandoned.

Though Kahana was in route to Colorado to celebrate New Year's Eve with friends, he detoured instead to the closest animal hospital, where the pups, thought to be German Shepherd and Border Collie mixes, were treated for severe dehydration and given a round of shots.

Dubbing the tiny, black-and-white siblings Sedona and Zeus, the former ESPN digital producer made the fateful decision right there and then to adopt them.

Thus was the Adventure Squad — a burgeoning social media juggernaut with more than 109,000+ followers between Instagram and YouTube — born.

In the months since Kahana, Sedona, and Zeus first came together, they've roadtripped widely around the United States, logging 30,000 miles, visiting more than 35 states, and inspiring a whole lot of travel envy.

And from the windswept beaches of San Francisco to the media mecca that is Times Square, it's clear that the trio are living their very best lives. 

Check out some of their gorgeous snaps below:

Puppies rescued from desert visit Times Square

Puppies rescued from desert visit Horseshoe Bend

Puppies rescued from desert visit Mizzou

Puppies rescued from desert visit California beach


For more on this unlikely meet cute, watch the video below or visit Instagram.

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